First blog post: #marchforeurope


Hi, everyone. Welcome to my blog, where I will be writing about different things. Right now, I’m not sure whether I’m going to restrict it to science or if I’m going to write about other stuff as well, (maybe football and politics?), but always with some link to psychology, cognition, behaviour, or neuroscience.

I thought a good start was by telling you that today I went to #marchforeurope, a peaceful manifestation to reject the recent referendum result where UK voted to leave the EU. As a EU-funded scientist and immigrant in the UK, this situation directly concerns me. It also concerns me from a scientific viewpoint, as one of the things we study in the Crowd Cognition Group is “collective madness”: situations where a large group of decision makers arrive, through consensus or simple majority vote (as in this case), to the incorrect choice. I #remain hopeful that the country who welcomed me 5 years ago will reconsider this ridiculous decision.